Here you'll find a list of a few of the donkeys that we have available for sale.  We don't have a lot for sale, we believe in quality not quantity.  If we don't have what you're looking for drop us a note and we can likely put you in touch with someone who does. 

All of our donkeys are handled daily.  They are brushed down, feet picked and of course they get their treats.  They lead, tie and stand for the farrier.  Our donkeys have the kind of temperament donkeys should have.  They love people.  You can't get into the field without being mobbed by "the herd".  They are all up to date on their deworming, vaccinations, and farrier.  They are registered with the AMJR, ADMS and the CLRC (CDMA).

  We take a great deal of pride in our animals and want to make sure they're going to great homes where they will be properly looked after and spoiled!!  All of our donkeys have fun at "donkey kindergarten".  They learn to lead, tie, clip and stand politely for the farrier among other things.  We don't like to have more than 2 or 3 foals a year so that we still have time to give everyone their much needed one on one time.

We do not breed our jennets until they are fully mature at 5 years old.  This allows them to mature and develop to their full potential.  They get a chance to enjoy their "childhood".  We give our ladies a year off in between foals.  We are not a "foal mill", our goal is not to produce the most foals we can each year but instead to produce superior mammoth jackstock and mules.  A lot of time, effort, planning and work goes into each and every one of our longears. 

We are going to be breeding our clyde mares to Clyde this summer so we will hopefully be expecting two very nice mule foals next year.

Earl is one of our two jack foals we had born this year.  Of course Tena and Clyde didn't let us down.  Earl is a full sister to the 2013 Supreme Champion Donkey at the Ontario Longear Extravaganza, Mable.  He is pictured here at 6 days shy of 5 months and above with our own donkey whisperer at 2 days old and then again just a few days over a year old.  What a difference a year makes!!!

Earl has a pedigree to burn with Holyfield's Sherman Tank and Seimon's Glen as his maternal grandfathers.  And with Texas Red as a grandfather on dads side he has the make up of three of the best jacks there have ever been. 

Earl has successfully bred one of our mares.  Not intentionally, but he just loves those short ears!!

Earl will finish about 15hh+.  His full sister stands an honest 57" (14.1 hh) at two years old.

D.O.B.: May 18, 2013

$6000 CDN