Huge Ass Clyde


Here is our mammoth herdsire Huge Ass Clyde. Clyde is a wonderful boy!! He's standing 64" and still growing. He is out of a 67 1/2" jack.

Clyde made the trip all the way from Joe Swink of Huge Ass Mammoth Jackstock, Stigler, OK and what a great boy he is! He has an amazing temperament and is an exceptional boy!!!


Arnell Sweet Muffin


MockingBird's Grace


Carousel Farms Tenacity


Tena is a make up of some of North Americas greats. She goes back to Holyfields Sherman Tank, Bully Boy, Jen Jack and Seimon's Glen.


"Arnell Maybe She's Born With It"  aka Mable (June 8, 2011).
Miss Mable is out of Tena and Clyde.  She's just a yearling on the left and 3 years old on the right.  She was 37.5" at the withers when she was born.  Mable is such a well put together jennet.  We are really looking forward to watching her develop as she grows.  At 3.5 years she is about half an inch shy of 15hh. 

Arnell's Pistol Annie on the left and her mom Heimendinger's Sally on the right.  Annie is sired by our very own Clyde.  Two of my favourite girls!!